4 Dresses for all body types!


Summer is in full blow out there, and the first thought that comes to every girl’s mind before going out is… What am I going to wear? Well, fashion advertising nowadays gives us a lot of options. This season, fashion advertising promotes my all-time favourite – cool dresses!

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Dresses have the ability to give you a completely different look with a single touch. There is no need to match colours and materials here… You have everything at one go! So what does fashion advertising promote this year? Here are four styles that are sure to work on every type of body:

1. The Wide Dress

This dress is narrow at the top, and more open at the lower end. This dress can come in various comfortable materials such as cottons and linens. You will also find designed dresses that look good on most everyone. This dress will hide your tummy or hips, and can show off your legs, when it is worn short.

2. The Romantic Dress

Fashion advertising promotes white or off-white dresses in flirty and soft materials that play with the wind and show off your best assets. This is your number one must-have! Combine your romantic dress with a pair of peep toes or flats, and a nice silky bag to complete the look.

3. The Tunic

Something I personally cannot live without. This is an easy to wear dress that goes with everything and can be worn everywhere, depending on the accessories you wear it with. Belt your tunic with your favourite belt, and you’re ready to go! It’s no wonder that fashion advertising is promoting this dress once again, since it is perfect for every body type.

4. The Long Dress

This is a lovely dress to wear anywhere and is really comfortable. If you are looking to show off your shoulders, then this should be your choice. Some dresses also come with a lovely V that will show off your décolleté very nicely, while hiding the rest of our body in volumes of colourful material.


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