5 Ways to find a Flattering Womens Bathing Suit

Womens Bathing Suit Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to start searching for a womens bathing suit perfect for days at the beach, swim parties and weekends lounging in the sun.

Summer can be rough if you don’t feel your body is beach ready, but that’s not reason to shy away from the sun. Spring is the optimal time to start looking for flattering swimwear. Whether you are beach body ready or just looking for plus size swimwear to hide your problem areas here are a few tips on finding a womens bathing suit.

Curves for Better or Worse

Ever feel your chest is too small; create curves by wearing halter tops, adjustable straps and styles with low necklines. If you have a full bust, look for styles that offer maximum support and coverage. Avoid wearing straps that are too thin or don’t provide enough support, front cleavage is sexy but make sure you avoid the side boob look.

Minimize the Tummy for a Plus Size Bathing Suit

Just as spanks are popular to for providing a sleek look which holds everything together, many plus size bathing suits are designed to minimize the mid-section. Look for separates, tankinis and longer tops which hide your mid-section. Draw attention away from your tummy by looking for swimwear that includes gathers on the side or an additional layer of cloth in front. Watch out for horizontal stripes, they tend to make you look larger; instead look for prints and unique designs.

Hide the Thighs with Skirted Swimsuits

One concern for many women searching for plus size swim wear is the upper thigh and rear area, to minimize this area look for skirted swimsuits, shorts or swim dresses. Make sure the chosen bottom is loose and matches the flow of your leg line. When trying on various bathing suits ensure the fit is as comfortable as possible by sitting and standing. Look for bathing suits that give you an hour glass figure, draw the emphasis to your bust and waist and away from your hips by highlighting your neckline.

For Flattering Swimwear Add Some Color

Truth is darker colors provide a slimming flattering look for a plus size womens bathing suit. Instead of always wearing black look for darker colors, also try wearing a lighter top and a darker bottom to balance you body’s shape. Take a look at some of the trending styles but make sure any swimwear you pick out is comfortable for long days at the beach, boat outings or lounging pool side.

Hit the Stores to Find Affordable Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear during the spring allows you to pick out the trending styles and find the best bathing suit for your body. However the end of the season allows you to find swimsuit sales although options may be limited. Boutiques tend to have higher prices while local department stores such as K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target provide lower prices for your swimwear needs. Additionally use online resources to find clearance stores and department stores. Enjoy your summer fun without the worry by finding the perfect womens bathing suit and read up on how to pick out the perfect summer accessories.

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