All You Need to Take on Holiday

Photo by Enric Juvé on Flickr

Ah, summer holidays. Most of us look forward to a leisurely week off work, in a place with blue skies and bluer seas. Most times, we end up taking a lot of things with us that we don’t need. Don’t ruin your holiday carrying dead weight with you this year! Here are some fashion advertising tips just for you. Fashion advertising gives us the tools to work with, and we did the rest for you.


When packing for a holiday in a sunny and hot place, you don’t need to take a ton of clothes with you. Choose your lightest items, which are also the ones that take up less space in your luggage. Choose articles that can be worn day or night, depending on what they are combined with. For example, make sure you include a fun jeans short skirt and a pair of white shorts in your list. In the morning, you can wear the bottoms with a strapped shirt or your bikini top, while in the evening you dress them up with a shiny top. A couple of short cotton dresses are also ideal to take.


What you need are only two pairs of shoes; a colourful and decorated flat sandal that can be worn during the day/on the beach and a pair of high heeled or wedged shoes for the evenings out.

Beach Wear

Don’t overdo it with lots of beach articles in your luggage. A couple of bikinis and a wrap are just enough. All the rest you can take from your morning wardrobe. Fashion advertising executives also suggest that you include your must-have beach accessories. Your sunglasses are another fashion-advertising item that you simply cannot leave without.

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