Bags – The trendiest fashion accessory


Do you want to complete your outfit? Well then, fashion marketing provides you with the right accessory – handbags. Handbags can be quite a powerful accessory, since a bag can either make or break your whole outfit. That is why, if you are aware of what fashion marketing suggests, then have a look at your personal style and use their advice to complete your look.

The Everyday Bag

Well we girls like to carry lots of stuff with us, whether it’s our entire make up kit, or a bikini to take a quick dip straight after work. Whatever your lifestyle, your everyday bag should be big enough to hold all that you need. Fashion marketing provides us with lots of interesting options. If you are a working woman, then your everyday bag should be sturdy, such as a tote, so as to hold everything that you need without loosing its shape.

During the winter, you should go for a waterproof material such as leather or faux leather, so that even in bad weather all your stuff will stay dry. In the summer months, fashion marketing suggests various colours in bags that may even be made of a nice material, with a design or glittery features sewed on. These are particularly pretty and very summery. Even though fashion marketing suggests that big bags are the real trend, and we see various movie starts sporting such bags, we should always look at our body shape. If we are short and small, a huge bag will only make us look smaller and shorter.

The Evening Bag

When we move from day to night, the bag gets smaller and sassier. Fashion marketing suggests clutch bags that are small envelope like bags, as well as bags that dangle from silvery or golden chains. As for colour, gone are the days when the bag had to match the shoes. Fashion marketing suggests that we play with colours that highlight both our outfit and are personality.


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