Buy Pearls Online: The Allure of the Souffle Pearls

Souffle pearls

Souffle pearl necklace

Soufflé pearls promise to be one of the most popular fashion jewelry trends of 2011. That’s one reason people tend to buy pearls online, they’re easier to find. Known for their puffy shape that is always unique, their size, and captivating metallic luster, it is little wonder that soufflé pearls succeed in drawing millions of interested eyes from all over the world. The best part is that these women accessorieswill match any outfit.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Although the design, shape and luster of the soufflé pearls are unique in their own right, its manufacturing process is also one of a kind. These pearls are created through a unique nucleating (seeding) process where the oysters are nucleated with small to medium sized clumps of mud, which are eventually drained off when the pearls are drilled. The end result is a large, very lustrous pearl. The puffy pearls range in color from bronze, silver and gold to shades of green, lavender and peach. While the shape and color of the soufflé pearls is extraordinary, another unique fact is that they have a hollow core.

Though soufflé pearls may be hollow on the inside, the outer coating of the shell is covered with a very thick layer of nacre that renders the pearl extremely hard and durable. Moreover, the nacre layers are to be credited for giving the soufflé pearls their alluring luster. Though it may be rather strong, it should be noted that the soufflé pearl is by definition less rugged than the solid pearls commonly found in the market. Thus, it would be difficult to find bracelets made of soufflé pearls because they suffer much more wear and tear than other forms of jewelry. However, these pearls adorn a fabulous array of neckwear.

Difficult to Find

It would not be a mistake to say that the soufflé pearls are a rarity to find. The pearls are only cultured in China with the secret to their culture being limited to a very close-knit circle. This has severely hampered production. Moreover, limited production has raised the price of the soufflé pearls in the market, and thus you need to shed a lot of money to buy these pearls online. Currently, there are only two main locations in the country culturing these designer pearls. This, compared against the overall demand of people interested in owning these pearls for themselves makes competition for the pearls rather high, and thus manufacturers demand high prices for them.

However, you can still find the pearls if you know where to look for them. These pearls are bound to be the perfect fashion accessory to any evening dress. Moreover, the soufflé pearls will certainly catch the eyes of all the guests at any social event.

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