Make a Fashion Statement with Coloured Lenses

Photo by Alina on Flickr

It is not only your hairdo, clothes, and makeup that define your fashion. Your eyes also play a very important role in defining your style statement. Eye makeup and colored lenses contribute to the look as well.

Types of Colored lenses

There are different types of colored lenses available in the market. Different colors to match your costumes, mood, and occasion, are available. Lenses are available for those with and without vision problems. If you have a vision problem, you can opt for the powered lenses. Always choose a powered lens per the advice of your optician.

How to Choose a Matching Colored Lens

Choosing matching colored lenses depends on various factors, like the mood you want to represent, your costume, and the occasion. If you are going in for a formal event, it is good to choose a color that suits your dress and doesn’t make your eyes stand out.

If you are going for a party, choose some dazzling lenses. This will make you gorgeous and add that naughty sparkle to your eyes. If you are going out casually with friends choose a regular black or brown lens.

Eye Makeup When Wearing Colored Lenses

Eye makeup is an essential element when you wear a colored lens. If you want to be noticed soon, especially your eyes, then apply an eye shadow that contrasts your eye lens color. If you are looking to display a calm and soothing appearance, choose a sparkling lens and some mild eye shadows.

Things to Remember When Buying Colored Lenses

When you buy colored lenses, make sure that they are FDA approved and from a trusted brand. Poor quality lenses can harm your vision and eye permanently. Cleaning and storing processes of colored lenses must be based on the instructions of your optician.


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