Conquering Easter Outfits for Boys

fedora-suspendersWith Easter not too far away, parents are beginning to scope out children’s clothing stores for new outfits for their kids. Whenever the trend started of buying new outfits for Easter, it certainly has taken hold in society. Perhaps it is a reflection of the reason for the celebration, the resurrection of Christ, and the idea of a new beginning. Parents are especially on the lookout for kids Easter outfits. Cute Easter dresses for girls are always a hit, but it takes more work to put together a great outfit for boys.

The Trend is to Look Cool

When you get down to it, the trend is always to look cool; the question is how to achieve it for this Easter? Aside from cool, the trend is toward looking casual while looking good and looking cool. The stylish kids’ clothes for boys this Easter are calling for easy going, effortless and confident. Pulling together clothes that have a vintage and classic look is one way to go. Layer different pieces for colder weather and keep the look on the casual side. Don’t be shy about combining stripes and plaids with graphics this season. Concentrate on a leading color in the graphic and match the rest of the outfit to that. Set your young man up with a cool graphic tee, a nice pair of slacks, maybe an open vest for cooler climates, and then a casual jacket. This look can work for tweens, as well as the younger crowd.

Just Like Dad


Dressing up and looking grown up like Dad can be a special occasion all on its own for boys. Retailers are talking about the trends this year for kid’s Easter outfits that take a chip off the ole’ block and offer more grown up looks. Young men always look handsome in a full suit, but the three-piece suit and tie may be a bit stuffy for this season. Go with a bit more casual look of a dress shirt, sweater vest, tie or bow tie, dress slacks and nice shoes; for cooler climates, add a nice jacket.


There are also pastel plaids or solid colored dress shirts that can make a bold statement and they are certainly removed from the plain old, stuffy white shirt. Partner them with nice slacks, boat shoes in a coordinating color, a snazzy bow tie and add suspenders for extra oomph. Alternatively, go with a pair of great khaki’s with a graphic print golf shirt; casual, cool, and effortlessly pulled together.

Accessories for the Boys

Cute Easter dresses for girls are easy to find, but it’s not so easy for the guys. One of the best ways to make the grade this season is accessories for the guys. Ties and bow ties are always a great add on, but this season don’t be afraid to go with some bolder designs and pastel colors. Traditional straw hats are always a hit and this season the newspaper-boy style cap is very much in style. Look for bold colored, coordinating socks and pair them with rolled up slacks for more of the newspaper-boy look. Suspenders can add to the look and are a very popular accessory this season. Boat shoes are big this year as opposed to the usual shiny leather. Watches with colorful bands and colorful belts are also a popular accessory for boys when it comes to this season’s kid’s Easter outfits.

Where to Buy

Anywhere you find kid’s clothes on sale is where you will find many of the items mentioned here. Some of the styles mentioned were gleaned from stores such as The Gap, Old Navy, J.C. Penny,,,, Sears, and, and Macy’s and Kohl’s. The best kid’s clothes are those that make your young man feel good about how he looks and comfort is always important. Looking for kid’s Easter outfits can be a fun if you plan ahead and decide what you want before stepping into the stores. Happy searching!

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