Different Belt Types and Styles for Men

Some particular belts types are often hard to find. Yet, belts are male fashion essentials and cannot be overlooked. We’ll help you find the right belts for your style and size. We can also find some great prices, too.


Belts for Men

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Finding Great Belts

When looking for a belt, you will need at least one that is the right style, colour, and size to fit your needs. This is very important because each man has his own style, like a fingerprint. Maybe you are looking for men’s fashion belts. Maybe you are looking for a designer men’s belt, or perhaps you are having trouble finding big men’s belts. Whatever the belt types you are looking for, this means that you want a website with a wide variety of choices. Good websites to find belts are:

Now that We Have a Selection

Beltme.co.uk offers a selection of men’s, women’s and children’s belts. Look in the men’s section under ‘sales.’ When you find something you like, make sure that you think about your clothes and what would go with the belt. You do not want to wear a cowboy belt with a business suit, as it may not be deemed appropriate in some offices.

Next.co.uk is our next site. This site also has belts for both genders and children. It seems to have mostly business belts, but they also have belts types with Superman buckles for the light of heart, and a huge belt buckle for the egotistical cowboy in you for your days off work. They have prices as low as £18.

Orvis.co.uk has a very large selection, and probably the best site for large men to find belts. They always have some belts on sale, but they have very nice prices every day. One awesome feature of this site is that you actually can ask for help from customer service in finding what you need. Equip.co.uk probably has the best deals; prices at this site start at around £12.50. It definitely has more of a selection of casual belts than business type belts.

Finally, there is arnoldleathergoods.co.uk. This site has some very nice leather merchandise. Right off the bat you can choose your size, and surprisingly, the belts are very nicely priced, around £20.00 a piece. This is a great site to find the belt that is perfect for you.


When ordering your new belt, we hope you thought to get several different types to fit your day-to-day lifestyle. Oh, and don’t forget your huge cowboy belt buckle. Have a great time shopping for belts types of belts!


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