Fun Boho is Back

A few years ago through fashion advertising, we have seen the rise of the boho style. Fashion advertising started proposing a comfortable and all innovative way of attire, that simply swept everyone off their feet. Who of us didn’t love Boho? Well cheer up then, cause the girlie boho style is back! It has just slightly reinvented itself, and we can now include articles that are more modern.

The Look

Boho style is very relaxed and comfortable attire that can be easily achieved. Just look at what fashion advertising offers us! There are tons of trendy ideas that we can reproduce without breaking the bank. You certainly know that boho is back when you see the likes of Ms Paris Hilton, sporting this look while on holiday!

How to Achieve A Perfect Girlie Boho Look

The boho look is all about colours and comfortable materials. To recreate Paris’s hippie look you should start by looking for clothes that sport bright colours such as pinks and pinks with purples. Go for items that are comfortable to wear, such as linen or cotton shirts, dresses and shorts, rather then choosing materials that stick to your body that maximize all your defects, and do nothing for you.

To complete the look, don’t forget your accessories. These are essential! A lovely pair of brightly coloured flat sandals that fasten around the leg would be perfect. A straw bag that is able to hold all your holiday stuff with style is also essential. The finishing touches? A pair of bone sunglasses and a set of golden or wooden bracelets and earrings. Fashion advertising offers us a number of ideas, especially for the accessories. Finally, fashion advertising may also provide us with a number of brand names, which are renowned for offering accessories that will complete your hippie look to perfection.


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