Guide To 22k Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has always been in demand and comes in a wide variety, including 22k gold jewelry. The pieces can range from designer pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and other designer gold jewelry and custom made gold jewelry. Due to demand, many retailers offer cheap gold jewelry. When buying 22k gold jewelry, or any kind of gold jewelry for that matter, it can be difficult to tell if you are getting your money’s worth. You should know a few things before buying a piece.

K Is For Karat

Karat (or carat) is the measurement of the gold’s purity, 24k or 24 karat being the purest form at 99.9% gold. Although this is the purest, this gold is malleable and very soft and can be easily damaged. Gold jewelry of 22k is 91.66% gold, the other 8.34% being silver and copper. Many kinds of designer gold jewelry are made of this composition, as it is less prone to damage. It is important to note that the higher the karats of the gold jewelry, the higher the price, so if you want to buy a piece of 22k gold jewelry, expect to pay high price for it, especially if it’s custom gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is not magnetic.

Designer Gold

The design of a piece of 22k gold jewelry adds to its value. There are hand crafted 22k gold jewelry pieces that are intricately designed that would have a heftier price tag than its simple counterpart. If the designer is well known this adds more value, as in most cases the name of the designer would speak for the piece itself. And in fact, many designer pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are just exactly that, designer, as they have been designed and created by people who are considered to be artists in the field.

Quality vs. Quantity

The quality of any piece of 22k gold jewelry affects the price, as well. Pieces of jewelry that are made and finished by hand will be more expensive than those that are made by machine and are mass-produced, as there is more effort put into the creation of handmade jewelry. Pieces that are made entirely by hand by a reputable designer will cost considerably more than other pieces.

Where to Buy

Nowadays, many online retailers offer gold jewelry and even cheap gold jewelry. There are also still traditional stores that carry 22k gold jewelry. It is important to buy pieces from reputable and trusted sources especially when buying online. Jewelry may be marked 22k gold, but may not actually be made of 22k gold, so it is important that you only transact with dealers that are known to provide good quality products. You may wish to have an appraisal done to validate the authenticity of the piece if it is especially expensive.


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