Guide to Velvet Jackets for Women

Short waisted velvet jacket paired with a stylish velvet skirt and fishnet stockings. Fabulous!

It used to be that in some social circles, velvet jackets for women were considered a luxury. You may wonder why this was the case. It could be due to the amazing feeling you get when you touch velvet. Moreover, it could be due to their rich look in both color and luster. Whatever the reason it is quite clear that many women admire and desire a women’s velvet blazer.

Features of a Velvet Women’s Jacket

All jackets have certain distinguishing factors that set them apart from the rest. Though a velvet jacket is certainly soft, this is not its only distinguishing factor. Other distinguishing factors in this variety of jacket include number of buttons, lapel type, as well as vent type. All these are factors that can be changed at the hands of any capable tailor.

The number of buttons and type on the jacket is one of the most distinguishing factors that you can find on a velvet jacket. Buttons, whether shiny or pale tend to attract the eye. Certain buttons tend to go well with velvet jackets for women. These include metallic buttons, as well as mother of pearl.

When to Wear Velvet

While a velvet jacket may be alluring to both touch and sight, most people shy away from buying one as they have no clue as to when and where they should wear the jacket. Moreover, there have been several occasions where some have erroneously worn velvet jackets for women to the wrong event. Blazers for women, as classy as they are, should be used for equally dignified occasions.

Common occasions where you may find uses for velvet jackets for women include any number of cocktail parties and dinners. If the jacket is more of a mix of velvet and midnight blue or black, they would also be suitable for most formal occasions, especially if these are held after hours. But these days, velvet blazers can be worn any time and anywhere a warm jacket is called for.

Selecting Velvet Jackets for Women

Everyone knows that a jacket’s worth lies in the brand name and quality of construction. The same goes with velvet jackets. The more renown the designer of the jacket, the more you are assured that you are purchasing quality. This should not mean that you should get an unnecessarily expensive velvet jacket. You should go for quality, affordable velvet jackets for women, which are readily available in most markets all around the world.

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