Join the Navy


Want to really be ‘in’ this summer? Well then, fashion experts give you the perfect fun and summery look – the Navy look is back with us ladies! This is probably no news for you, since fashion advertising gives us regular reminders of what’s hot, and what we should forget about.

The Look

This look was a major hit in the eighties, and this time it will surely be again. With all the great accessories and outfits we can put together with the help of fashion advertising. The basics of this look are very, very simple. When you think navy, you think white and blue stripes and red details. Always give your outfit your personal touch, however.

Make the Look Your Own

Fashion advertising proposes many ideas; however, we don’t need to spend all our salary to achieve the look. We can put a pair of thinly striped pants with one of our own white shirts, and combine everything with a nice pair of blue and white sandals, or accessories to match. What about getting a cute pair of red shorts? Combine these with a simple white top with straps, and there you have it.

Word of Caution

Whatever you do, don’t overdo it. Don’t try matching stripes with stripes, because you will look a disaster. Also, when getting your striped articles, always bear in mind that horizontal lines will make you look larger in width, while vertical stripes will make you look more sleek and tall. In fashion advertising, we always tend to see tall and thin girls, who in no way represent the woman on the street. Always take what fashion advertising proposes, and apply it to your body and your personal style, and I’m sure you will be looking great!


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