Male Fashion Essentials


If you’re a man who’s always thinking about what you should or should not wear, then here is a helping hand. It’s true that fashion advertising may sometimes make you more uncertain than help you find your look. So before looking at what fashion advertising proposes as the new trends, you should start by taking a very good look at your wardrobe, and making sure that you have the essentials. Here they are:

The Essential Male Fashion Items

Dark Colour Suit and Tie: Just as every woman should always have her little black dress, a man should always have a formal suit, in black or a dark grey colour. A white buttoned shirt and a truly amazing looking tie are articles that you also shouldn’t be without. I promise these will save you lots of time in the future.

Black shoes and Belt: Next is a good pair of leather black shoes. These should last you a couple of years. In addition, you need to get yourself a black leather belt. Don’t mismatch the colour of your belt and shoes, as this will ruin your outfit. Just a small tip here: always wear black socks with your black shoes; anything else will look tacky.

Jeans and Tee-shirt: For the casual side, fashion promotes something that every man should have – a couple of well cut jeans that can be dressed up, as well as casually worn depending on what shoes you choose to wear with them. Next is a white tee shirt. This will look stunning when combined with your jeans, as it gives a fresh contrast. Don’t get only one white shirt. Aim for a few that might also have some interesting designs, or maybe simple branded ones.

Watch and Wallet: Finally, a nice watch and a leather wallet are accessories that you can’t leave your house without, and fashion will help you in this department, as well. Your watch will say a lot about your character and style. Fashion advertising promotes a number of watches that range from expensive to very affordable.


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