Monogram Cufflinks, the Ultimate in Personalization

il_340x270.434473489_dbj4In today’s fashion world, monogram cufflinks and other accessories can be crucial to any outfit. In the world of men’s fashions, however, the choice of ideal accessories is somewhat limited. Rings, watches, and chains are the usual jewelry items that are deemed acceptable accessories. One noteworthy additional jewelry accessory is cufflinks, especially monogrammed cufflinks. There has been a resurgence in the popularity of personalized cufflinks, customized, engraved and created from a variety of novel materials. Most men worry that this accessory is pretentious; on the contrary, they are a classic addition to any outfit, whether in the work place or in the social scene. Personalized or monogrammed cufflinks are excellent and appropriate gifts for weddings, special occasions, and anniversaries. They are classic and are always in style, if worn correctly and created tastefully. Custom cufflinks are a way to express both a man’s style and his unique character, whether representing his favorite sport or recognizing his educational heritage.

Where to Buy Monogram Cufflinks

While most high-end jewelers don’t offer engrave-able cufflinks, Tiffany is the premier company that offers hand crafted luxury cufflinks in mother of pearl, crystal, glass, precious stones, as well as both white gold, gold, and silver. This famous home of luxury jewelry realizes the uniqueness and sophistication of monogram cufflinks as the essential accessory for style conscious men. Also, Tiffany offers monogramming, hand and machine engraving for their various styles of cufflinks. Indeed, gold never goes out of style, but some fashion conscious men realize that silver goes more easily with many more outfits, and does not clash with other accessories. There are numerous mass produced engrave-able cufflinks, but for truly elegant customized cufflinks, Tiffany remains the preferred vendor.

Where Cufflinks are Acceptable

While most men do not wear cufflinks at work (simple button-down shirts with buttoned cuffs don’t demand custom cufflinks), some levels of management and executives demand the wearing of French cuff shirts. This more formal dress, therefore, requires personalized cufflinks. CEOs, CFOs, and Managing Directors, who regularly wear custom cufflinks, send a signal of superiority in the work place. Overall, most employees should consider wearing cufflinks, especially luxury or personalized ones, when conducting business with important clients or dignitaries or when attending official work-related events. In formal social settings, it is much more appropriate for men to wear cufflinks since the event itself demands sophisticated attire.custom cufflinks

During formal social events, including weddings, high-end receptions, and formal balls, men are regularly expected to wear cufflinks, preferably personalized cufflinks. Luxury cufflinks add a note of elegance to a man’s overall outfit; they signify an elegance and individual taste few other items are capable of indicating.

One important note on the wearing of cufflinks, regardless of the setting, is to make sure the custom cufflinks are elegant, not crass or tacky. Under no circumstance should the personalized cufflinks attract too much attention or detract from the overall effect of the outfit. Cufflinks that are huge, glaring, or of inappropriate images or shapes should never be worn. Cufflinks, especially monogram cufflinks, should complement, and not overpower, the man’s appearance and style.

Stylish, classy monogrammed cufflinks possess the power to transform any outfit from acceptable to dashing and debonair.

Types of Monogramming/Personalization in Cufflinks

The usual style of a monogram that personalizes cufflinks are the wearer’s initials. Most initials are produced in one of the following fonts: Block, Roman, Script, French Script or Italic Roman. Tiffany hand engraves the traditional three initials (with the last name in the middle and larger than that on the left and right) heirloom effect. They will also hand engrave cufflinks with a design supplied by the buyer for an additional charge. Silver monogrammed cufflinks are the choice of men looking for a more modern style. Some jewelers use CAD and CAM programs and to create designs and customized cufflinks. Laser welding and cutting technology also allows for unique shapes and images being created on personalized and monogram cufflinks.

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