Should You Buy Affordable Costume Jewelry

When it comes to buying affordable fashion costume jewelry, don’t be overcome by visions of your old Aunt Gertrude with the huge glaringly-orange earrings, fuchsia colored daisy pin and multiple clanking, plastic bracelets. Think more along the lines of trendy, beautiful designer jewelry that is easy on the pocketbook.

Comparing Costume Jewelry

Buying costume jewelry can be expensive depending on where you buy it. If you buy from department stores, such as Macy’s or Harrods, you are going to pay top dollar. When you buy from these places, you are paying for the designer name and usually the highest quality of materials. If you do some research on the Internet, however, you may find that is not always the case.

When you buy at dollar discount stores, you can often find overstock jewelry from the department stores with the same quality and brand names at half the cost. You can often find cubic zirconia, real gold and sterling silver at bargain prices as well. Mass retailers carry a wide selection of costume jewelry at very little cost.

Where to Find Affordable Costume Jewelry

When you are looking for trendy fashion jewelry, it pays to do some research on the Internet, especially if you are looking for something in particular. It’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind so you don’t overbuy. Lovely, inexpensive earrings can be found for as little as $5 when you shop the discount stores, and some are overstocks from designers, so you still get the designer style and name.

Try websites such as and eBay for real bargains on costume jewelry. also has some amazing buys. Other stores such as Claire’s and other accessory stores are bound to have more than your heart’s desire to choose from.

Careful Pricing

We found a pair of Givenchy silver tone, 1 3/8-inch earrings, encrusted with crystals for $48. We found a pair of nearly identical earrings at Walmart that are sterling silver with ¼ carat of diamonds for $55. For $17 dollars more, you can have the real thing and no worries about nickel jewelry allergies. It may not have Givenchy on the box, but put them in a velvet gift box and who’s going to know? Most women would rather have the real thing over a designer name.

Be discriminatory in your shopping and make sure that what you are buying is really a bargain. A lot of costume jewelry is gorgeous and most people can’t really tell the real from the fake. So, yes! Get out there and get yourself some affordable costume jewelry. The main thing is that you have fun and look great!

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