Techniques to Choose Cashmere Cardigans for Women


Searching for cashmere cardigans for women can sometimes be an expensive affair. Most women tend to search without knowing which aspects of the sweater to examine to ensure they are getting the best in terms of quality. You need to know certain techniques that can tell you, through either touch or sight, whether the cashmere sweater is truly quality material.

Cashmere sweaters and blazers for women have been around for quite a long time. However, at one time, these sweaters were reserved for the upper class of society who could better afford it. Fortunately, this is not the case any more. The numbers of cashmere manufacturers that have come onto the market have enabled cashmere sweaters to be more available at affordable prices. This has also caused some confusion among customers as to which cashmere is quality and which is not. There are techniques that the average customer can use to get the best cashmere sweaters. These include the touch and stretch test, as well as the color test for determining if the cashmere is worth the asking price.

The Touch Test

Though it may sound rather simple, you can easily tell the difference in the quality with just a feel before buying cashmere items. Material found in the best cashmere sweaters will be soft to the touch. You could say that the material readily slides/glides across the skin. To get such fine quality material, longer fibers are used in the manufacturing process to produce better quality. If shorter fibbers are used, the result is a fabric that is knobbier and rough to the touch.

The Stretch Test

You can also practice the simple test of pulling at the sides of the sweater for a moment and then letting go. Good quality cashmere cardigans will retain their shape. Poor alternatives, on the other hand, won’t bounce back as readily and loose their shape. Naturally, cashmere has a lightweight feel to it. However, if the material is too thin, its strength and flexibility are reduced drastically.

The Color Test

It is a common fact that dye more often than not harms the fibers in the cashmere. Dye damage results in a sweater that is rough to the touch. The best cashmere sweaters have less dye used. Cashmere sweaters with light colors such as grey and white are less likely to have any dye damage. Choosing high quality cashmere cardigans for women ensures that you have a sweater that retains its original cashmere softness for many years to come.

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