The Anti-Paparazzi Clutches Bags

Flash Back!


We are starting to wonder if celebrities really hate the paparazzi as much as they claim they do. If so, why is there only one photo online of an apparent woman celebrity, who uses her Adam Harvey anti-paparazzi clutches bags?

This bag is armed with an LED light that catches the flash of the cameras and bounces it back by producing its own flash. This flash spoils the paparazzi’s photo op with what appears to be overwhelming glare that covers the celebrity’s face.

We know that clutches bags are very popular among female celebrities. If they hated the paparazzi so much there should be by this time so many photos of celebrities being “whited out” by the clash of the flash bulbs coming from the clutches bags that one could compose a whole magazine of “guess who this celebrity is” quizzes.

Why? Why is there only one online picture of the clutch bag while there are so many clutches bags?

This leads me to believe there could only be one of two reasons. The celebrities are in the love mode of their love-hate relationship with the paparazzi.

Or perhaps the appearance of the clutches bags is quite unattractive despite the service it renders and they fear the fashion goddesses of the industry more than the paparazzi. Better to have beautiful clutches bags than to carry ugly functional ones. But then, how would we know whether Harvey’s clutches bags falls short on the element of fashion? We didn’t see the clutches bag. All we saw was the flash.

I suppose to be fair we could mention that not all photos are taken at night and require a flash. Plus, the Anti Paparazzi bag is undergoing further development to make it smaller and more attractive. Maybe that’s what everyone is waiting for.

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