The Truth about Wearing a Plus Size Bathing Suit

Plus-Size-Swimwear3Did you know? Wearing a plus size bathing suit is not as scary or intimidating as you might think. Many rumors are false and misleading. In fact, there are many options for wearing a women’s bathing suit that provide a flattering, slimming appearance. Contrary to popular opinion, today’s trends help to distill many common myths about plus-size swimwear. Use these tips to help you make the most of swimsuit season and break some assumed myths about a plus size bathing suit.

Myth: The slim trend is in and curves are out, but not so fast. Curves are fun and sexy; make sure you highlight them with the perfect women’s bathing suit. If you have a larger chest look for square tops, thick straps and V-necks that provide great cleavage. Step outside of your normal style by wearing large designs and colors, make sure to stay away from horizontal stripes, they tend to make you look wider.

Myth: If your mid-section is not one of your favorite areas, don’t worry; you can still wear a plus size bathing suit. Take a look at tops that provide a greater length to hide the areas you don’t want to show off. Look for tops that add another layer of cloth or breeze out at the bottom. Try for the ruched style as it adds extra fabric to make you look slim and trim. Stay away from tight, clinging styles, they will emphasize areas you want to hide. Step out of your comfort zone, dark colors may be slimming, but get a second opinion; you will look great in different prints and designs.images

Myth: A long, flowing cover up must be worn over women’s bathing suit. Look for separates, swim dresses, skirted swimsuits and swim shorts. Stay away from thin straps, strapless and bandeau tops, they are meant to make you look bigger than you really are. Leave those for models; they aren’t meant to flatter a normal women’s appearance. Make sure any plus-size swimsuit you pick out is meant for movement, you want to be as comfortable as possible without worrying about what you look like in your new swimwear.

Now that you know the truth about finding a flattering swimsuit, share the news and tell your friends. Grab your bag and head out to the store to catch the pre-season sales, now you can shop with confidence with the knowledge of how to look great no matter your size. Knowing you will look fabulous this summer is a major bonus, especially when searching for a plus size bathing suit.


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