Three Perfect Looks with Shorts


Did you always think of shorts as an item that is only worn on the beach or while on holiday? Well think again, because fashion marketing has put shorts at the heart of our summer wardrobe. Fashion marketing proposes all new, fun and interesting ways in which you can combine your shorts with your other fashion items. If you’re a real fashionista, then this is an absolute must-have.

Shorts for Work

Sounds crazy, eh? Not really. Fashion marketing suggests that combining shorts with certain items, will give you the perfect summery work attire. Go for a cotton pair of shorts for this one, in less vibrant colours – earthy colours work best here; and combine with a nice baggy top and a pair of delicate heels. A cute short waist blazer can pull the look together, while keeping your look professional.

The Weekend Look

Fashion marketing also gives us the ideal option for the weekend. The weekend is the time of relaxation and fun, maybe even some shopping. Go for a more vibrant coloured pair of shorts here, maybe in thin vertical stripes, and combine with a light shirt in either white, which is always chic, or a more vibrant red or yellow. As for shoes, go for some flats with a bit of spunk; perhaps a few coloured gems on top that will complete your weekend look to the best.

Party Time

After sundown, we don’t put our shorts in our drawers. No sir! According to the latest fashion marketing, shorts can still play a major role. Combine a darker coloured and simple pair of shorts, with a brightly coloured evening top, even glittery, and a nice pair of high heels. You are sure to be the heart of the party!

The City Look

Fashion marketing also puts shorts in the heart of the city. Be city chic, and combine light coloured cream shorts with a trendy designer bag and shirt as fashion marketing suggests, and get ready to rock the city!


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