Trends in Cute Easter Dresses

aqua dressBuying a new outfit for Easter is a tradition for many families. Having new clothes just seems to be a natural extension of the belief in Christ’s resurrection and the beginning of spring. Both embody new life and new beginnings. What better time to buy a new outfit and go out on Easter and show it off?

Bring on the Bright Colors

Kid’s Easter outfits are always a blast and a mom and daughter trip to little girl’s clothing stores is a treat every little girl and her mom can enjoy. This Easter, the trend is definitely toward bright colors. The traditional light pastel, frilly dresses with patent leather Mary Janes have been replaced by bold prints in all colors. A bright yellow and white print dress paired with white or bright yellow sandals and a white cardigan, makes a perfect ensemble. Polka dots and bright florals are a hit for the young ladies this season.

maxi dress

Tweens are opting for the less structured maxi dress in geometric and tribal prints or small flower prints of flowing high-low hemlines. Even sequins are on order this season, such as the featured aqua and pink sequin, sleeveless bodice dress with a flowing ballerina skirt and bright pink bow offered by JC Penny from size 6 to plus size girl’s clothing.

Ruffles, Tulle and Rosettes

Ruffles are an added attraction this year. Ruffles on the bottom, the top and everywhere in between are in order. Tiered ruffles create an adorable effect that little girls just love to show off. Flutter sleeves are also in vogue.

pink tieredWhen it comes to cute Easter dresses, tulle never goes out of style for that beautiful poufy look they all little girls adore. For toddlers and up to age 5 or 6, tutu dresses are all the rage. What little girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina?

Also for the younger ones, variations of the bigger girl dresses are paired with leggings for a little more bottom coverage.

Rosettes are the stylish thing to have this year. Big bows on the front are out and big rosettes are in. You’ll find them on waist bands, around the collar and in the hair.

Shoes and Accessories

For several years, the trend has moved away from the traditional shiny patent leather Mary Janes. This season, bright colors are in style here as well. Choose a fetching color to match her lovely Easter dress. Bejeweled sandals, shoes and flip-flops are also big at clothing store for girls. Some parents may find that flip-flops are a bit too informal for Easter, and they may cause a distraction while walking in church. Jazzed up tennis or deck shoes can make a fun addition and will probably be more comfortable for little girl feet.dress_baby_902LIL_easter

Colorful socks are also in style to go along with the colorful, cute Easter dresses. White socks with lacy frills are passable, but not quite as cool as socks that match the dress.

Headbands with rosettes or flowers are a beautiful addition to top off the perfect Easter dress. Cute straw hats or big floppy hats with bows will also fit the bill. They will also protect tender heads and shade the eyes while searching for Easter eggs.

While keeping with the idea of Spring and warmer weather, most of the cute Easter dresses presented this season are short sleeved or sleeveless. This calls for a light, matching cardigan, cute bolero, or light blazer so that no one gets goose bumps from anything other than what the Easter bunny brought.

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