Women’s Gold Watches

Cartier_Crash560The “big” problem concerning women’s gold watches is that there are so many types and varieties from which to choose. There are a myriad of brands and designs of quality gold watches to complement sport wear, work wear, casual wear and formal wear. With so many to choose from, you can discover luxury watches for women in whatever grade of gold you desire.

However, when shopping for a quality luxury watch, you need to realize that you will be paying a premium for the designer’s name and also for the artistry of the brand. It is up to the buyer to decide if status is more important than artistry, star power or technical superiority.

Overall, designer watches for women signal the owner has both good taste and a love of luxury.

These high-end watches certainly boost a lady’s self-esteem, help express her individuality, and reflect her premier status. Women chose, perhaps subconsciously, these high-end watches, usually in gold or white gold, to advertise how much their partners respect and revere them; these are tangible evidence of love and devotion, as well as style and sophistication. In the United States alone, spending on luxury goods amounts to as much as $525 billion per year (Bev and Zolenski 2011), with women’s products accounting for over half of this consumption (D’Arpizio 2011). The desire to possess high end, lavish goods, such as a luxury watch, drives this spending extravagance among women.

Luxury Items are Valued by Women

Scientific studies have proven that women believe that other women would infer that a more expensive outfit or jewelry indicates that their partner cares more about them (61.8%) and are more committed (53.9%). Similarly, a majority of women believed that other women would infer that an outfit from a well-known designer and jewelry indicates that their partner cares more about them (52.6%) and is more committed (55.3%). Luxury watch producers play on these emotions and use marketing to pique interest and generate demand.

Advertising Methods

High-end watch brands and retailers purposely create marketing programs and campaigns geared to attract women through subtle appeals to how watches reflect love and attention, devotion and adoration. Online and mobile retail campaigns allow these luxury marketers and retailers to cross borders and meet pent-up demand. China, the second largest luxury consumption market, is a prime target for these high-end women’s watch brands. In the coming years, women’s designer watch companies will certainly increase their use of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram) to connect with customers and lure new prospects to the items. Use of digital tools, including video, will showcase the brand story, planned to draw traffic into actual store fronts.

Market strategists should realize, however, that these high-end shoppers expect luxury retailers to have easy-to-navigate ecommerce venues and mobile commercial. Marketers need to emphasize status and lifestyle through digital storytelling; intertwining product browsing with content and imagery so that visitors become immersed in the brand world. Marketers know the potential for social media to build a strong brand community of loyalists, frequent customers and aspirational fans.

Many luxury watch vendors’ web sites feature unique social media interactivity, videos and Omega_Ladymatic560exclusive content.

Specific Women’s Gold Watches

This year, there are several dramatic and dynamic women’s gold watches for the high-end, style conscious buyer.

The Lange & Söhne Saxonia Automatic, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the Bathyscaphe Breguet Héritage Phase de Lune, are all very dramatic luxury watches from high end manufacturers, with large and eye catching details. The Cartier Crash Cartier is somewhat unorthodox; any woman who wears this dressy Cartier will be the talk of the party.

Chopard’s Happy Sport Medium Automatiche is another dramatic high end watch in gold.

The Omega Ladymatic, representing white gold watches for women, is Omega’s first real ladies’ watch; the Piaget Altiplano Date is an ultra-thin luxury watch for a woman with distinguished taste. The Rolex Day-Date offers a variety of colored dials and faces.

All of these luxury gold watches for women will satisfy the buyer and the wearer, whatever their motives or moods.

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