Your Summer Must Have Accessories


Great summer scarf and tote.

Feel the heat out there? Summer is definitely still with us, and with the hot summer season, fashion advertising is offering some cool summer accessories. We are living in an era where fashion rules can be bended, and you can make your own style. However, fashion advertising still has some suggestions on some summer accessories that you shouldn’t leave the house without!

Colourful Scarfs

Scarfs are not only for winter. Scarfs are becoming more popular, even in the hottest months. Choose colourful scarfs made out of cool, lightweight fabrics to accessorise and make your outfits more fun and colourful.

Straw Hats

Forget fabric hats this year and invest in a wide rimmed, floppy straw hat or two that will serve more than one purpose. If you have a look at fashion magazines, you will find a variety of hats that fashion advertising is promoting. Primarily, a hat will be protecting your skin and eyes from the negative effects of the sun, and secondly you will look like a fashion guru. This type of hat is the perfect match for your favourite pair of sunglasses.

A Roomy Tote

Fashion designers are big on the tote bag as the ideal summer accessory; it’s roomy, casual, and easy to carry, not just for hanging by the pool, but for everywhere you want to go. Choose a colourful tote that is either made of straw or of a nice comfy material. After all, this is what summer is all about.

Flip Flop Your Way into Summer

Don’t think of flip-flops as a boring and ‘old’ shoe. Flip flops have been reinvented and have become trendy, and simply stunning. We must say that fashion experts have outdone themselves here! You will find flip-flops in metallic colours like silver or gold, as well as jewelled up versions that are ideal for taking you all around town.

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